Healing through the Art of Caring Level I

An intensive two-day course, which will not only improve your skills, but will positively change the way you view patients, and yourself.

Course Description

Healing through the Art of Caring participants will acquire skills to improve customer service, decrease cancel / no show rates, increase patient referrals and ultimately enhance productivity.

The techniques and exercises taught in class, give participants additional skills necessary to care for themselves, develop positive thought patterns, and avoid occupational burnout.

This is a hands-on course, which follows a progression of principles throughout the 12 hours of training. Much of the material is presented in a hands-on lab format including: self-care manual therapy techniques, small group discussions, and individual/group self awareness exercises.

Healing through the Art of Caring participants will be able to immediately implement their newly acquired skills.

Saturday (8 contact hours)

8:30–9:00    Registration, light refreshments

9:00–12:00  Self-Care: Functional anatomy & biomechanics to empower patients & combat occupational burnout.

12:00–1:00  Self-Awareness: Autonomic Nervous System review & application to physical injury, illness. Part 1.

1:00–2:00    Lunch break.

2:00–3:00    Self-Awareness. Part 2.

3:00–4:00    Self-Development: Central Nervous System functioning related to physical symptoms.

4:00–5:00    Compassion: Developing effective verbal & non-verbal communication skills to improve customer service and increase patient referrals.

5:00–6:00    Creativity: Developing productive relationships with clients to decrease cancel/no show rates.

Sunday (4 contact hours)

9:00–11:00  Using Intuition to cope with difficult situations & people.

11:00-Noon Utilize Connection & “Art of Caring”  techniques to enhance healing, job satisfaction and productivity.

Noon–1:00  Putting the pieces together.

1:00            Wrap-up, evaluations, adjourn.

Course Objectives

  1. •Develop and implement a daily self-care routine to promote wellness, prevent occupational burnout, and enhance productivity.
  2. •Further develop listening skills to improve customer service.
  3. •Decrease cancel/no show rates and increase patient referrals by learning to communicate more effectively with patients and coworkers.
  4. •Empower patients to take responsibility for their healing by focusing on improving self-awareness and self-care techniques.

State Approved CE Course

Healing through the Art of Caring participants earn 12 hours of state-approved continuing education credits and will receive a certificate of attendance stating course objectives and dates.

balance_cutout_shadow_web  Improving results by connecting with those we heal.

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